Checkpoint 01: 322.0

Off to a good start! Down 4.4lbs. It’s a start. Small steps, lots of small steps. The week was filled with some ups and downs, but I got through them. I also learned a few things.

1. Ice cream was not as hard to give up as I thought.
2. Ice coffee was extremely difficult to give up.
3. Crock pot chicken is my saving grace.

Most importantly I learned how important your support is to my success.¬† At least once a day I would receive a comment or text from someone to encourage me to keep at it. Your one little little line of words helps so much! Thank you all and here’s to a great week 2 ūüôā


Jam Is Not Jelly

I’ve said it many times before. ¬†Jam is not jelly. ¬†The sandwich is called “Peanut butter and Jelly” not “Peanut butter and Jam.” When will people learn!!!

Okay so I was finishing up my nightly chores and finally was able to get some dinner. ¬†There wasn’t time to cook something. ¬†I needed something quick. ¬†So it was either a thing of apple sauce or PB&J. I grabbed the bread. I grabbed the peanut butter. ¬†Lastly, I grabbed the jelly jam. ¬†How the heck did jam get in the fridge! ¬†That sneaky little sucker. ¬†It dresses the same as the jelly. ¬†It has the same figure as the jelly. ¬†Even the top pops off like the jelly. ¬†However, once you start to spread it you realize it’s not jelly. ¬†Son of a biscuit!!!

Naturally I think to myself, “How many times have I told my wife NO JAM!” ¬†I then remembered it wasn’t her fault. ¬†I had done the food shopping and I was fooled by the jam. ¬†You win this time jam, but I won’t be fooled again.

Next time I’ll just have the apple sauce ūüėČ

Crock Pot Cream Of Chicken

I’m in love with this incredibly simple recipe for crock pot chicken. ¬†It’s one of the main courses for The Restoration Project. ¬†There are three reasons for this. ¬†1) It’s good for you. ¬†2) It’s super simple to make. ¬†3) It’s CHEAP!! ¬†$6 for the chicken thighs + $5 for the soup = 5 servings. ¬†Give it a shot!

Empty 2 family sized cans of Cream of Chicken soup into the pot.


Add 2 cans of water and stir until you have soup
Add as many chicken thighs as you can fit


Season as desired
Cook on LOW for 4.5-5

SImple, Cheap, Good ūüôā

Food Commercials Are Another Challenge

The next time you’re sitting down to watch your favorite show do me a favor. ¬†Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the commercials that revolve around food. Then break that list down into food that is good vs food that is bad. ¬†I bet you will find that almost all food commercials are for products that are bad for you. ¬†Since this is Halloween season this should be a no brainer with all the Snickers, Kit-Kat, and Boo Berry commercials.

So how does this fit into The Restoration Project. ¬†It adds yet another hurdle I must overcome. ¬†I’m okay with that. ¬†Bring it on Corporate Food America. You won’t get me. ¬†I won’t succumb to the pressures of your 30 sec ad. ¬†You gonna have to do better than that to get me! Little do they know that they will never get me ūüėČ

So the next time you see that redhead from Wendy’s telling you how great her chicken sandwich is and that it only cost a buck-buck, turn the TV off and go have an apple ūüôā

Weekend Review

So this is where the rubber meets the road.  Staying on track during the week is the easy part.  Think about it.  My schedule is the same Monday-Friday so I can implement a pretty regular eating schedule as well.  The weekends are a totally different story.  My schedule is all over the place.  I can see why this is a reason most people fail at this.  The weekends are tough.

Saturday wasn’t terrible. ¬†I had my staple breakfast of Cheerios and OJ. ¬†The afternoon grew more difficult as I had my son with me all day and his food needs always outweigh mine. ¬†So anytime I thought I could get a way for a minute to grab a quick bite was thwarted by him in some way. ¬†That’s when I realized that I needed to get to the supermarket and get some handy foods in the house that didn’t require a lot of prep. ¬†Something I could grab and eat quickly. ¬†Stuff to hold me over until I could actually eat a sit down meal. ¬†So I picked up mixed nuts, raisins, & grapes. ¬†These things are simple and a small handful will keep you going without sacrificing a lot of time. That got me through the day until I was able to enjoy my venison steak for dinner. ¬†Man was that good!

Sunday yielded a different challenge……eating out! ¬†Breakfast was the same as well as some snacks later on. ¬†However, we went bowling in the afternoon so lunch was a challenge. I am stuck with bowling alley food. ¬†I made the best choice I could and got a grilled chicken sandwich. ¬†It was very small. ¬†It was so small I could’ve considered it a snack. ¬†That is exactly how I felt the remainder of the evening. ¬†I was so hungry come night time. ¬†Unfortunately, stopping to eat wasn’t an option. ¬†I had to take care of the kids, get their stuff ready for school, run some laundry, etc… ¬†I ended up eating four hot dogs around 10:30pm. ¬†This wasn’t the best choice. ¬†The hot dogs themselves are OK but put them in a bun and now I’ve got trouble. ¬†Plus the timing wasn’t great. ¬†I’m taking it as a lesson learned. ¬†At some point during the night I have to stop to eat otherwise I will be eating right before bed and my body will not like that.

Overall it was a positive weekend.  I am really proud of the fact that I DID NOT cave into my crave for ice cream on both nights.  I also avoided soda at the bowling alley. Those are two biggies that usually do me in.

Checkpoint 00: 326.4

Every Friday is going to be a checkpoint day for The Restoration Project. ¬†In other words every Friday morning is weigh-in time!¬†I will post my current weight in the title and post about how the week went. ¬†If I’m sticking to the plan, these should be celebratory posts of my progress. ¬†If I have fallen off the wagon then I’m gonna need your help in lifting me back up. ¬†These post are where I rely on you the most. ¬†Your comments, feedback, and suggestions all make a difference. ¬†Whether they’re good or bad, I need to hear ’em. ¬†Your voice is going to carry me to the finish line of this restoration project. ¬†Does everyone understand their roles? Good!

Let The Restoration Project Begin…

Ice Cream Aficiona-DON’T

Peanut Butter Jumble, Stop and Shop, Ice Cream

I’ve always joked that I’m an ice cream aficionado. ¬†I keep an overall top 5 list as well as a list of favorites per location/store. ¬†It’s also a staple for family functions. ¬†If we’re having a birthday party there will be ice cake for dessert! ¬†That’s what makes this so tough. ¬†When the ice cream cake comes out I’m gonna have to hide in the basement or something. ¬†The temptation is too great.

Ice cream is going to be the hardest thing to say goodbye to during The Restoration Project. ¬†I know there are other options out there such as low fat yogurt, but that won’t work for me. ¬†Ice cream is one category that I can’t substitute for. ¬†If I can’t have it, I don’t want something else that pretends to be it. ¬†It’s 100% no ice cream for me…