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Weekend Recap

Another weekend full of smart choices. Temptation looms around every corner. Yet, I continue finding myself making the right decisions. Yep, I’m patting myself on the back.

Also this weekend I was faced with a new challenge. I’m fighting a stomach bug. Not sure if it’s food related or a virus. But I’ve been feeling soar and weak the past few days. However I never caved to the crave. I stayed strong. Hopefully I’m on the mend.


Weekend Review

So this is where the rubber meets the road.  Staying on track during the week is the easy part.  Think about it.  My schedule is the same Monday-Friday so I can implement a pretty regular eating schedule as well.  The weekends are a totally different story.  My schedule is all over the place.  I can see why this is a reason most people fail at this.  The weekends are tough.

Saturday wasn’t terrible.  I had my staple breakfast of Cheerios and OJ.  The afternoon grew more difficult as I had my son with me all day and his food needs always outweigh mine.  So anytime I thought I could get a way for a minute to grab a quick bite was thwarted by him in some way.  That’s when I realized that I needed to get to the supermarket and get some handy foods in the house that didn’t require a lot of prep.  Something I could grab and eat quickly.  Stuff to hold me over until I could actually eat a sit down meal.  So I picked up mixed nuts, raisins, & grapes.  These things are simple and a small handful will keep you going without sacrificing a lot of time. That got me through the day until I was able to enjoy my venison steak for dinner.  Man was that good!

Sunday yielded a different challenge……eating out!  Breakfast was the same as well as some snacks later on.  However, we went bowling in the afternoon so lunch was a challenge. I am stuck with bowling alley food.  I made the best choice I could and got a grilled chicken sandwich.  It was very small.  It was so small I could’ve considered it a snack.  That is exactly how I felt the remainder of the evening.  I was so hungry come night time.  Unfortunately, stopping to eat wasn’t an option.  I had to take care of the kids, get their stuff ready for school, run some laundry, etc…  I ended up eating four hot dogs around 10:30pm.  This wasn’t the best choice.  The hot dogs themselves are OK but put them in a bun and now I’ve got trouble.  Plus the timing wasn’t great.  I’m taking it as a lesson learned.  At some point during the night I have to stop to eat otherwise I will be eating right before bed and my body will not like that.

Overall it was a positive weekend.  I am really proud of the fact that I DID NOT cave into my crave for ice cream on both nights.  I also avoided soda at the bowling alley. Those are two biggies that usually do me in.