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Crock Pot Cream Of Chicken

I’m in love with this incredibly simple recipe for crock pot chicken.  It’s one of the main courses for The Restoration Project.  There are three reasons for this.  1) It’s good for you.  2) It’s super simple to make.  3) It’s CHEAP!!  $6 for the chicken thighs + $5 for the soup = 5 servings.  Give it a shot!

Empty 2 family sized cans of Cream of Chicken soup into the pot.


Add 2 cans of water and stir until you have soup
Add as many chicken thighs as you can fit


Season as desired
Cook on LOW for 4.5-5

SImple, Cheap, Good 🙂


Ice Cream Aficiona-DON’T

Peanut Butter Jumble, Stop and Shop, Ice Cream

I’ve always joked that I’m an ice cream aficionado.  I keep an overall top 5 list as well as a list of favorites per location/store.  It’s also a staple for family functions.  If we’re having a birthday party there will be ice cake for dessert!  That’s what makes this so tough.  When the ice cream cake comes out I’m gonna have to hide in the basement or something.  The temptation is too great.

Ice cream is going to be the hardest thing to say goodbye to during The Restoration Project.  I know there are other options out there such as low fat yogurt, but that won’t work for me.  Ice cream is one category that I can’t substitute for.  If I can’t have it, I don’t want something else that pretends to be it.  It’s 100% no ice cream for me…

The Midnight Snack


One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in The Restoration Project is the midnight snack.  I am a night creature.  Most of my work gets done after my wife and kids go to bed.  Unfortunately that usually leads to a late night snack as well.  During the project I am implementing two rules for late night.

  1. No food within 2 hours of bed time.
  2. Replace the late night snack with a glass of water.

All that’s left is to get the ice cream out of my house.  That’s a post all to its own…