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Checkpoint 04: 313.4

So apparently the plateau week that I thought was going to happen last week ended up showing this week. I’m not as upset as I thought I would be though. This isn’t the result of deviating from my plan. I continue to eat well and exercise so I know in the end I’ll get there. During this journey they’re going to be bumps in the road and it’s how you react to those bumps that is the true revealer of character.

Another reason I’m not that upset is because the battery went dead on my scale. So putting in a new battery is obviously going to cause a variation in measurement between last week and this week.

The bottom line is that I am confident in my approach and I will stay the course.


Checkpoint 03: 312.0

5 more lbs baby!!!  That’s 14.4 total.  Man, I’m pumped!!! This checkpoint was a huge victory for me.  In many previous diets, week 3 has always been a plateau week. That is usually followed by giving up on whatever plan I’m trying and heading to the nearest McDonald’s. So today is a glorious day. Perhaps the difference now is that I’m not on any “plan.” I’m just making smart decisions with my food choices.  I’m eating whole foods (meats & veggies).  Occasionally I will have a treat like ice coffee, but when I do I make a smart choice. I’ll get the medium rather than the extra-large.

That leads me to another part of my success thus far. I’ve been programmed mentally that when I commit to a dietary change, I must commit 100%. There can’t be any exceptions!  That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself.  The slightest deviation would crumble me. Now, I’m living by an 80/20 rule and it’s really alleviated that pressure.  So I can have a small ice cream cone when out with my family and not feel as if I’ve ruined my effort for the week. I’m living and feeling so much better not having to deal with that pressure.

More good news! Yesterday I achieved another milestone.  It was the first time I walked 10,000 steps in a single day!  I’m not sure if I can do that on a daily basis yet, but I may be ready to up my daily goal from 5,000 to maybe 7,000.

So for a week that in previous years has always sucked, week 3 for The Restoration Project was one of my best ever 🙂

Checkpoint 02: 317.0

Another awesome week. Down five more lbs!

Making meals for the week is really helping me. This week I had pot roast for dinner and taco meat for lunch. I made family sized servings of each and I was set for the week. It’s such a relief knowing that I don’t have to worry every morning about what to make for lunch or dinner. It saves me time plus I can spend my energy on other things (like my steps).

Next week should be interesting. Week 3 is usually the week I hit a wall. I’m hoping that if I continue to change things up food-wise and exercise-wise that my body will not succumb to the wall.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Checkpoint 01: 322.0

Off to a good start! Down 4.4lbs. It’s a start. Small steps, lots of small steps. The week was filled with some ups and downs, but I got through them. I also learned a few things.

1. Ice cream was not as hard to give up as I thought.
2. Ice coffee was extremely difficult to give up.
3. Crock pot chicken is my saving grace.

Most importantly I learned how important your support is to my success.  At least once a day I would receive a comment or text from someone to encourage me to keep at it. Your one little little line of words helps so much! Thank you all and here’s to a great week 2 🙂

Checkpoint 00: 326.4

Every Friday is going to be a checkpoint day for The Restoration Project.  In other words every Friday morning is weigh-in time! I will post my current weight in the title and post about how the week went.  If I’m sticking to the plan, these should be celebratory posts of my progress.  If I have fallen off the wagon then I’m gonna need your help in lifting me back up.  These post are where I rely on you the most.  Your comments, feedback, and suggestions all make a difference.  Whether they’re good or bad, I need to hear ’em.  Your voice is going to carry me to the finish line of this restoration project.  Does everyone understand their roles? Good!

Let The Restoration Project Begin…