Checkpoint 02: 317.0

Another awesome week. Down five more lbs!

Making meals for the week is really helping me. This week I had pot roast for dinner and taco meat for lunch. I made family sized servings of each and I was set for the week. It’s such a relief knowing that I don’t have to worry every morning about what to make for lunch or dinner. It saves me time plus I can spend my energy on other things (like my steps).

Next week should be interesting. Week 3 is usually the week I hit a wall. I’m hoping that if I continue to change things up food-wise and exercise-wise that my body will not succumb to the wall.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂



  1. reginadabean

    Keep varying the type of food you eat, so you don’t get bored…and don’t let yourself starve or crave something too much. Otherwise you’ll go over the deep end and binge (been there…done that!)

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