Weekend Recap

This past weekend was extremely busy. In fact it was so busy that I am two days late with my weekend recap.

Saturday started great with my Cheerios and OJ. That was followed by BBQ food (hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage). Dinner was tough.  I ended up at Friendly’s with family.  I got a burger even though I just had burgers for lunch.  I also had the happy ending ice cream.  So a bit of a setback there but I came back strong on Sunday.

Sunday started with my usual breakfast, Cheerios and OJ. We traveled down to my parent’s to visit a farm and partake in fun Autumn activities. We were there for a while and my food choices were slim pickings. I had a plain hot dog.  From there we went out to dinner where the food choice were still slim. I ended up getting a burger.  That burger came on a bun that was 4x the size of the burger.  So I removed the bun and ate only the burger.

After dinner we went back to my parents house for a quick birthday celebration for my wife.  If course the usual suspects were there; Cake & Ice Cream. I knew this situation would arise often. How was I gonna handle it. I’m proud to say that I didn’t have any of it! My will power conquered the crave. I’m pretty stoked about that little win.

Overall it was a solid weekend. I made good choices given the situations I was in. I did have one setback, but I redeemed myself the following day.



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