OK, So Now What?

So I’ve made the new commitment to a better lifestyle.  I’m gonna eat better and exercise.  In fact, I’m going to the supermarket right now to get………uh, wait.  What exactly should I get?

This is something I’ve struggled with in the past.  Commitment and determination are great qualities, but they are useless without proper execution.  I am the type of person that requires a strict regiment.  However, like most of you out there, I’m human.  Thus I also require variety within that regiment.  Example: I like to eat tuna fish for lunch.  However, eating tuna every day is not going to work for me.  I need other alternatives for lunch.  Detailing these alternatives allow me to stick to the plan should I desire something other than tuna fish.  This doesn’t apply to just lunch.  This applies to all meals and snacks.  This applies to every aspect of the plan.

So what do I do with this new found plan? I channel my inner determination and commitment so I can execute the plan effectively.


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